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    • CommentTimeOct 4th 2016
    Hi! It's been ages, yes, but I was curious if people were still mostly in Madison, or if there were a few goobers in NE or something. I'm in E Mass, myself. I've still managed to keep a 5-C deck mostly built, two of them, despite the fact I play legacy and constantly pull cards out for Legacy decks.

    And another Q: should 5-C be simplified a bit by being more like Vintage for the B&R? IE, ban nothing outright, but Restrict powerful cards?

    And a third Q: I'm not sure if I'm ready to declare 5-C quite dead, not yet. I've brought a couple 5-C decks to my Legacy night, and a couple players there love it (esp storming out with Mind's Desire for infinite). But the costs, yes... is it worth throwing up a sticky on potential budget / practically pauper 5-C lists to get players started? Stuff like Trinket Mage, Krosan Tusker, Sakura-Tribe Elder for Control, and maybe an aggro (mono-R burn) and, if possible, combo deck (Hypergenesis?) Or maybe put up a few different lists that bank on 50 proxies, everything else like $2 or under. Something like that might be cool, though I haven't played 5-C on a budget in like 10 years. Though I could probably brew up a 5-C budget Control... not that it'd be super great.