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    • CommentTimeFeb 8th 2015 edited
    Here we go with a prison control 5-color
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    The latest version

    Black 42

    4 braids, cabal minion
    4 entomb
    3 Lilliana of the veil
    4 contract from below
    4 bloodghast
    4 dark ritual
    4 vindicate
    4 reanimate
    3 zur the enchanter
    2 damnation
    2 buried alive
    1 ob nixilis unshackled
    1 sorin markov
    R vampiric tutor
    R demonic tutor

    Red 25

    4 fulminator Mage
    4 firespout
    4 blood moon
    4 ancient grudge
    3 Ajani vengeant
    2 squee, goblin nabob
    2 destructive flow
    1 nice bolas planes walker
    R wheel of fortune

    Blue 36

    4 trinket Mage
    4 propaganda
    3 grand arbiter Augustine
    3 venser, the sojourner
    4 back to basics
    4 dig through time
    4 treasure cruise
    4 baleful strix
    3 tezzeret, the seeker
    2 venser shaper savant
    1 narset, enlightened master

    White 36

    4 ghostly prison
    4 magus of the tabernacle
    4 world queller
    4 oblivion ring
    4 swords to plow shares
    4 wall of omens
    3 narset transcendent
    3 sorin, solemn visitor
    2 wrath of God
    2 solitary confinement
    R enlightened tutor
    R balance

    Green 25

    4 cultivate
    4 kodamas reach
    4 sakura tribe elder
    4 wall of blossoms
    4 Sylvan library
    2 life from the loam
    3 kiora, the crashing wave

    Colorless 36

    4 tangle wire
    4 wasteland
    4 solemn simulacrum
    4 mox diamond
    4 smokestack
    2 nihil spell mob
    2 relic of progenitis
    2 tormod's crypt
    2 pithing needle
    2 engineered explosives
    2 skull clamp
    R sol ring
    R black lotus
    R crucible of worlds
    R strip mine

    Lands 100

    40 fetches
    4 terramorphic expanse
    4 evolving wilds

    16 swamp
    11 islands
    11 plains
    7 mountain
    7 forest
    • CommentTimeFeb 8th 2015 edited
    If you're gonna play a ton of basics, Land Tax is incredible.
    I also make it my personal goal to convice people to try Gerrard's Verdict in 5-color.

    In blue, In the Eye of Chaos is fun and silly if you're willing to build around it (few instants and only cheap ones). Detention Sphere and Back to Basics are both solid choices as well, given that you're not playing many nonbasics.

    For black, Death Cloud is pretty much ideal if you're willing to work to cast it, and Pox is the classic. Inquisition of Kozilek also compliments Duress nicely. Bitterblossom seems pretty stone cold nuts as well. The Abyss is another silly Legends enchantment worth looking into, as is Nether Void. Mind Twist maybe?

    Red's always a bit tricky, but I wouldn't play Moonman in this sort of deck as he would tend to die. A lot. To your own spells. Blood Moon and Destructive Flow both seem fine. If you're willing to shore up your artifact count with mana stones and play tangle wire and friends, Goblin Welder would be solid, although the same issue with Moonman is still around. Maybe that red planeswalker commander dude? Oh and Squee, of course.

    Kodama's Reach and/or Cultivate are your friends - reach was a staple of the death cloud decks in standard back in the day. Yavimaya Elder could also be fun. I would also go up to 4 sylvan library for sure. Maybe Exploration, for all your life from the loam needs?

    If you're going to go hard for the Life from the Loam plan, all the cycling lands from Onslaught work very, well with it, as does Volrath's Stronghold and Academy Ruins.

    I would also strongly consider playing just 1 of each dual to prevent hair-tearing frustration in your mana base.

    Historically, prison decks are all about having way more permanents on the board than your opponent to unbalance things like Smokestack, Tangle Wire, Pox, and so forth, so generally you want your spells to generate permanents, be permanents, or both. You know how it works.

    Update: Looks like a solid place to start. I would try to find more permanent spells though, in case your recurring permanents get disrupted or you can't find them, which may happen more than you'd think. Trinket Mage + package is always really useful in control decks, and you could probably stand to cut Price of Progress for a couple more planeswalkers.

    Sterling Grove also seems pretty useful for all the 1-2-of enchantments.
    Also, I almost forgot - where's your Academy Rector?