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    • CommentTimeDec 31st 2014
    I'm intrigued by the two versions of this format - casual and competitive. I've started compiling a list of stuff I had/would be fun to play on a budget.

    There's no direct theme. It needs work but this is how it lies so far:

    Alternate 5 - In Progress

    x4 Naturalize
    x2 Life From the Loam
    x4 Blastderm (need ?)
    x4 Naturalize
    x4 Giantbaiting
    x4 Sakura Tribe Elder (Need 2)
    x4 Moment’s Peace
    x4 Wall of Blossoms
    x1 Eternal Witness

    x4 Carnophage
    x3 Cradle to Grave (Need 1)
    x4 Innocent Blood (Need 1)
    x4 Shriekmaw
    x4 Putrefy (Need 3)
    x4 Terminate (Need 3)

    x4 Treasure Cruise (Need 1)
    x4 Looter il-Kor (Need 4)
    x4 Void Snare
    x4 Mana Leak (Need 4)
    x4 Brainstorm (Need 4)
    x4 Evasive Action

    x4 Lightning Strike
    x4 Act of Treason
    x4 Deflecting Palm
    x4 Ride Down

    x4 Tangle Wire
    x4 Pithing Needle
    x4 Psychogenic Probe
    x4 Solumn Simulacrum (Need 3)
    x4 Explorer’s Scope (Need 3)
    x4 Swiftfoot Boots (Need 3)