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    • CommentTimeMay 26th 2011
    Still playing my sliver deck and trying to convince a few friends up here in my area to build ante decks. Anyone still playing Ante down by the lakeshore? What are you playing these days?

    Also, I guess wastelands have been removed from most people's ante decks now that they're more valuable than some duals, but what's the most expensive card left in your ante deck? I'm running sliver queen and still have a chaos orb in there.
    • CommentTimeMay 29th 2011
    Had a small group playing for booster pack ante, now everybody just plays EDH. Unrelated but Big John, his kids and Patrick sold all of their cards, so most of my playgroup is gone.
    • CommentTimeMay 30th 2011
    Woah, activity on the forum. Weird.
    • CommentTimeMay 30th 2011
    We now just cube. There are several that EDH, I do not. I have warped my collection to build a 96% foil cube (working on the rest). I could rebuild zooicide or some aggro dredge synergy deck if need be.
    • CommentTimeMay 31st 2011
    Once I started playing against kids here that insisted on playing with 'Un' cards cause 'they're fun' and having them bitch and get salty cause Lance and I actually play good cards, we just kinda stopped playing. Nice enough though, I have been able to ease into Legacy due to my collection.

    When I did play though, Bant Control for life. Lance was, as always, monoblack ridiculousness.
    • CommentTimeJun 9th 2011 edited
    Here's a new ante deck I'm working on:

    Wheel of Fortune

    4x Aether Vial
    4x Contract
    4x Bonesplitter
    4x Cranial Plating
    4x Executioner's Capsule
    4x Jeweled Bird
    4x Piston Sledge
    4x Semblance Anvil
    4x Shrine of Loyal Legions
    4x Skullclamp
    4x Tempered Steel
    4x Tezzeret the Seeker
    4x Ajani Goldmane
    4x Mutagenic Growth (Green Spell)

    4x Vedalken Certarch
    4x Ardent Recruit
    4x Court Homunculus
    4x Vault Skirge
    4x Flayer Husk
    4x Signal Pest

    4x Etherium Sculptor
    4x Spined Thopter
    4x Vedalken Engineer
    4x Porcelain Legionairre
    4x Bant Sureblade (Green Spell)
    4x Esper Stormblade
    4x Painsmith
    4x Tidehollow Strix
    4x Glint Hawk Idol
    4x Steel Overseer

    4x Esperzoa
    4x Master of Etherium
    4x Trinket Mage
    4x Kitchen Finks (Green Spell)
    4x Etched Champion

    4x Argent Sphinx
    3x Indomitable Archangel
    4x Moltensteel Dragon (Red Spell)
    4x Slash Panther (Red Spell)
    4x Thundering Taradon (Green Spell)
    4x Mishra Artificer Prodigy (Red spell and awesome)
    4x Lodestone Golem
    4x Towering Gargoyle

    3x Ethersworn Adjudicator
    4x Covetous Dragon (Red Spell)
    4x Jor Kadeen (Red Spell)
    4x Myr Enforcer
    4x Chimeric Mass

    Remaining green/red spells will be filled with borderposts.

    I'm putting it together now, so it's not playtested, and obviously "ante" is not a defined metagame. Any cards I'm outright missing? Any better ways to fill my green/red color requirements?

    Also, if anyone has some beat up Covetous Dragons or Arcbound Ravagers or foil court homunculus/vault skirge/etherium sculptor/vedalken enginner/porcelain legionairre/tidehollow strix/glint hawk idol/esperzoa, I'd be interested in acquiring them.
    • CommentTimeJun 14th 2011
    Got my covetous dragons... need cheap/beat up arcbound ravagers, Tezzeret the Seekers, Ajani Goldmanes, and blinkmoth nexi if anyone has some.
    • CommentTimeJun 20th 2011
    Why not run Tezzeret, Agent of Bolas? Or are you trying to keep the monetary value down due to it being Ante?

    Riddlesmith for Looting could be good. I do get that you essentially lose out on cards but, could be decent. Throwing in Squee or anything you can get from the bin - even flashback stuff like Ancient Grudge - is fine with him.

    It might be fine, but any time I have ever played with Semblance Anvil it sucks my balls. The allure of dropping your hand is great and all but it can also backfire horribly.

    No Sol Ring?

    I know he is WW but what about Puresteel Paladin? He seems like he could be a savage in a deck like this.

    Noxious Revival seems like it could be good at filling a green spot. It also grabs spent Contracts all day long.

    Phyrexian Metamorph is nuts. In a deck like this he ravages houses.

    Since you are obviously trying to work on smoothing out your manabase, Prophetic Prism is just fine. It replaces itself and it works nicely in conjunction with Esperzoa. I know it doesn't attack but... it can with Tezz I suppose. Besides, with your three color cards, you are really going to want a way to cast those things. That Sphere of Suns thing could even be decent too. Not sure how I feel about it though.